TotalRod Features And Benefits


  • Data stored in one central database
  • Changes to data by one user is updated throughout the database to all other users
  • Data is captured in a consistent format
  • Users can work from anywhere, even without an Internet connection.
  • Access to specific wells and batteries can be limited to individual user’s needs
  • Multiple access roles for different types of users, such as a “Read Only” role
  • Reports for multiple wells and batteries can easily be generated to identify trends over time
  • Licensed by number of wells and/or batteries with no limit on the number of users
  • Automated process of deploying software updates
  • Training and Remote Support is available

Benefits To Your Bottom Line

  • Complete, accessible and solid information is a game-changer.
  • Managing data efficiently makes sense for the user and for the company.
  • Having the information you need, when you need it is powerful.
  • The time that is not wasted trying to collect data using previous methods just adds to your productivity.
  • Production Systems’ TotalRod saves time and money and gives you the confidence to move forward.

Learn More About What TotalRod Can Do For You!

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