TotalRod: The Complete Solution

TotalRod makes it easy to get the right information to the right people at the right time for the life of the well.

More Data Sources, More Problems

A basic principle with machinery is to have as few moving parts as possible. However, when it comes to tracking information, many companies have multiple moving parts: paper notes, sticky notes, Word, Excel, email, electronic files, different types of software, and so on. Since these sources are not connected, it is guaranteed that data will be inconsistent, incorrect, inaccessible, deleted or lost.

So Many Demands, So Little Time

Managing data this way can leave you with thousands of electronic files with well data. Collecting and organizing data from multiple sources takes a lot of precious time and inevitably

is chaotic. Decisions cannot be made in a timely manner and are either pushed back due to insufficient information, or they are made with poor information, which can easily lead to a wrong decision and the costs that go along with it. TotalRod changes all of this by organizing well and production gauging information in a single software solution.

The Game-Changer: TotalRod

Don’t work in chaos. Don’t put off decision-making. Don’t settle for decentralized, duplicated, and fragmented data. TotalRod is your complete solution for capturing critical data over the life of the well. When you use Production Systems’ TotalRod, your data is being collected into a single information source. Decision-makers can confidently proceed in a timely manner knowing the data they are looking at is current and has been properly managed.

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TotalRod has met and exceeded expectations of both small and large operators for over twenty years.

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